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TT Rockstars

Times Tables Rockstars

How to play Times Table Rockstars

Times table rockstars is all about becoming a rockstar! You will get a virtual avatar that you can dress in anyway you want! 

While they may not be rock legend at the start, you can dress your avatar in a range of cool outfits! To do this, you need to play and earn coins to spend in the shop! You earn coins for every game you play!

To access Time tables Rockstars, click here

You will need your username and pin/password

Game Modes

TT rockstars garage(1)
 The first game mode is garage mode! This is like practising in the garage with your band friends. Here you can practice times tables set by your teacher!
As you practice and get better the questions will get harder! You can earn quite a few coins here as players get 10 coins per question.
TT rockstars studio(1)
Studio is the next game mode! This is where you go after you have practised. In this mode you will set your base speed score.
 You need to play ten studio games to do this.
ttrockstars area
The best become rock legends, which is the ultimate rockstar status!
What's your rock status?
TT Rockstars2
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